Yogesh Chabria


Yogesh Chabria is a leader in the field of human potential, #1 bestselling author. Yogesh Chabria has a powerful message of success filled with happiness for your audience in his trademark fun, entertaining and interactive style that will make your entire organization move in the fast lane personally, professionally and financially!

People all over the world – right from multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies, Mutual Funds, Financial and Insurance Companies, Healthcare, Pharma and Wellness majors, High Technology and IT Giants, to Direct Sales, Real Estate, Consulting leaders, FMCG, Automobile Industry, fast growing Startups and Prestigious Universities, have all benefited immensely from his sessions.

Yogesh loves to first listen, and once he listens, he can tune into what your organization really needs to accelerate personal, professional and business goals and achievement with the use of detailed plans, strategies and real world experiences. His solutions have been implemented globally and are bringing about immense positive change and adding incredible value.

As an investor himself, he realizes the importance of giving maximum value and maximum return on investment for long term growth and success.

His sessions are entertaining, enlightening and engaging which will make everyone at your conference motivated, energized and excited with fresh ideas and perspectives. Yogesh Chabria is an expert at using stories, anecdotes, humor and interactivity to ensure everyone has a memorable experience.

Yogesh Chabria blends valuable life and success skills with his witty humor, stories and real world experiences. Breakthrough results and increased communication, in addition to immense personal growth and self-awareness, are some of the best take aways from his seminars.

His bestselling programs are on Sales Mastery, Leadership, Motivation, Inspiration, Team Building and Happiness Mastery!