Vineet Bajpai


Real Strategies and Proven Methods to Build Start-up Businesses

Expert advice on business start-ups is provided in this introduction to business development for aspiring entrepreneurs. From idea generation, market research, and business planning to budget requirements, infrastructure, employee management and growth strategies, these step-by-step instructions facilitate decision-making for the first month, first year, and first 100 years of a company’s lifespan.

Vineet Bajpai is one of the finest entrepreneurs and management thinkers in India today. His companies, Magnon Solutions and Magnon International, are among the largest interactive media agencies in the country and have been ranked among the top 25 Internet companies in India. He has been featured by CNBC TV in their popular program ‘Young Turks’. He is the author of the bestseller Build from Scratch.

1. Intrapreneurship & value-creation
2. Employee retention & growth via my copyrighted 5Es HR Model
3. Leadership & competitive edge in the digital age
4. Marketing, advertising & brand management
5. Digital marketing, social media optimisation & strategies
6. International business & cross-cultural management
7. Career development & motivation
8. Entrepreneurship & start-ups
9. Strategic management

Real Strategies and Proven Methods to Build Start-up Businesses