Sundeep Rao


A Bangalore-born, confused vegetarian, Sundeep took his joke telling from drunken friends and family to the Bangalore stage in 2010. After spending the first 19 years of his life in Bangalore, Sundeep moved to Wales in the U.K, where he spent one and a half years trying to study, but failing miserably. However, he did succeed in fine tuning his observational skills and honing his drinking prowess. He then transferred to Oregon in the U.S (a move initiated and jointly carried out by his parents and the INS), where he got his degree in Sociology and political Science (Please do not question him on these subjects. If you do, you will be sadly disappointed).
After moving back to Bangalore, India in 2007, Sundeep spent a year in advertising as a copywriter. He then moved into IT (God only knows why!).

Though he contributed absolutely nothing to his company, he did succeed in gathering a wealth of material on the IT industry, its employees and its language! (rather, lack off). He finally found his calling in stand-up comedy, where he feels that he can express his views and ideas on life. He currently works for a radio station as an assistant producer. At heart, Sundeep is a writer, thinker and a terrible lover (references upon request); who loves listening to extremely cheesy music! He feels that comedy is the best way to remain sane in this warped world!
You can see this vivacious brat performing across Bangalore, Bombay and other cities across India. Come watch him do his thing (jokes that is…) and learn a little more about life and may be even yourself. His philosophy is quite simple. “Life is funny .Live it up”