Simerjeet Singh



A highly sought-after motivational speaker ,Simerjeet Singh began his career as a corporate trainer after nearly a decade of global experience in hospitality. Simerjeet learned many lessons from years of cultivating teamwork at institutions such as the Grand Hyatt Dubai, Marriott International, and others.

Working with partners from different countries, cultures, and languages shaped who he is and gave him an understanding of how to maximise diverse perspectives and working styles. Simerjeet realised that he was driven to share this understanding on a grander scale. Over the last decade, he has helped over 200 organisations get everyone ‘rowing in the same direction’.

Mr. Singh has supported clients across industries, including HP, InterContinental Hotels Group, Novo Nordisk, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Once commissioned, Simerjeet will work with your leaders and department heads to conduct an in-depth needs assessment to evaluate the best approach to a keynote or workshop that will connect with your audience and encourage the desired results.

Maybe the right choice for your organization is a fast paced, high energy keynote session or perhaps a more discussion and reflection based workshop? With expertise in both arenas, Simerjeet will work with you to understand the audience and context, and then design customised messaging and activities. He offers the freshness of an outsider’s perspective and his purpose is to empower the changemakers.

If you are looking for support with accelerating growth, cultivating leadership excellence, and inspiring entrepreneurship – Simerjeet Singh can help. For him, it comes down to a core belief: for all people, in all places – we have more inside us than we are using.