Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta


SAI KAUSTUV DASGUPTA – Wheelchair Warrior of India

Disability is not an inability is once again proved by the multi-faceted wheelchair warrior Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta, the winner of several awards, Limca, India & Asia Book and other National & World Record Holder, a self-taught international graphic designer, a singer & composer, the author of ‘My Life, My Love, My Dear Swami’ a book that has been translated into nine Indian languages, TEDx & Motivational Speaker who has inspired millions worldwide through his natural smile. As a Happiness Coach & entrepreneur, his mission is to bring back the purity of heart and genuine happiness which people lost in today’s course of life. Suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bone Disease), Sai Kaustuv has already gone through more than 50 fractures. He has hearing impairment too. He does international designs with just one finger of his left hand but thousands of hands are getting benefit from his inspiring designs. He might be in an Electric wheelchair today but he turned his disability into his greatest gift. He has the ability to transform todays mind setup of complaining in silly things and could inspire new generation to think out of the box. He had gone through several lessons in his life which are great message for all, those who are aspiring to achieve success.

Sai Kaustuv has inspired millions of people, especially, global leaders, scholars, doctors, students & young professionals with live & online sessions of his motivational talks. He has conducted sessions for PhD scholars of various institutes in different states of India, as well as those in countries like the US, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal to name a few. Being a 90% disable, Sai Kaustuv has been honoured as 4th Global Icon after Helen Keller, Stephen Hawking & Srikanth Bolla with leadership traits acknowledged by millions around the world. He is researching on accessibility and he hopes to bring positive awareness to transform India to a wheelchair friendly country. Millions have joined him in his mission ‘HAPPINESS UNLIMITED’ which strives to make this planet a better place to live with harmony, bliss & peace.

90% Disable SAI KAUSTUV DASGUPTA Entered into National, Asian & World Records in 2018

This year, Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta, broke new barriers and entered into LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2018, INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS 2018, ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS 2018, MIRACLE WORLD RECORDS 2018 and INDIAN ACHIEVER BOOK OF RECORDS 2018 etc. for Fastest Typing Speed (24 words per minute) with one finger of left hand.

1. Limca Book of Records 2018: National Record
2. India Book of Records 2018: National Record
3. Asia Book of Records 2018: Asian Record
4. Miracle World Records 2018: World Record
5. Indian Achiever Book of Records 2018: National Record
6. Telugu Book Book of Records 2018: National Record
7. World Records India 2018: World Record
8. Vajra World Records 2018: World Record
9. Assist World Records 2018: World Record

Limca Book of Records is the Indian equivalent to the Guinness Book of World Records with emphasis on unique achievements of Indians within the country and abroad. Sai Kaustuv recently entered into Limca Book of Records 2018 and they published his record in their official issue of 2018 titled “Limca Book of Records 2018: INDIA AT HER BEST”. India Book of Records awarded him with certificate and memento for having the urge and hunger to be a part with the rest of the world and be exemplary. Asia Book of Records is a collection of records from Asian countries spanning from Dubai to Japan covering Indus valley and Russia. Sai Kaustuv entered into India & Asia Book of Records 2018 through his immense will power and strong determination. At present he is having 90% disability as only one finger of his left hand works. So with these extreme challenges, he entered into these new records in Fastest Typing Speed (24 words per minute) among 27 major countries of Asia including India, Vietnam, Japan, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia & Bangladesh. And very recently Miracle World Records, Indian Achiever Records, Telugu Book Book of Records 2018: National Records, World Records India 2018: World Record, Vajra World Records 2018: World Record. Assist World Records 2018: World Record too honoured him as a Record Holder for Graphic Designing & Fastest Typing with Index Finger being a 90% differently abled.

Sai Kaustuv’s motive is to motivate all differently abled confined people with these records and he want to convey that if he can achieve so many thing just by using his one finger, then all can do much more. His mission “Happiness Unlimited” will get success when all these people will get inspired and come forward to seek real happiness through their hidden potentials and skills. His right hand does not work, so he does graphic designing using a mouse with his left hand and with one finger only. He types on a virtual on- screen keyboard and has even written a book which got appreciation from Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

According to Sai Kaustuv, “Miracles happen in the lives of people who choose to create that miracle, I chose this miracle and made it happen in my own life to inspire many more like me to choose the best in their lives.”