Roveena Tampon


Roveena Tampon is the drag persona of Rovin Sharma, and among the first few Drag Queens in India. Roveena Tampon is a popular name among the LGBTQ folks in India.
After dropping out from college to earn the living. Rovin not only faced harassment, bullying and assault at workplaces but also at public places because of their authenticity.

After giving up on all the jobs because of their discriminatory employers and co-workers. Rovin decided to introspect and write about themselves, which was published in Pink Pages Magazine. Rovin wrote “We are fighting in our dresses and in our gowns, in our skirts, stockings, and heels. We are fighting in our bowties and our suits and our baggy pants and in our flat sneakers” which impressed the Jury and was awarded “Best LGBTQ Media Story 2016” by Likho Awards in Mumbai.
As a Visionary, Rovin re-introduced the “Concept of Gender” in India, starting with The Lalit Hospitality Group to IIT Delhi, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali, IIT Roorkee to JLL and helped others embrace the full complexity of gender and own their truth. Rovin started working towards making public spaces safe and secure for LGBTQ individuals that forming an Inclusive space that celebrates Diversity and soon spoke at TEDx GGSIPU to share their inspiring story of struggle.

Rovin, who identifies outside the gender binary works for the visibility of gender non-confirming and non-binary folks. Rovin address issues related to HIV, health, and human rights through capacity building, advocacy and community mobilization within the young MSM and TG communities in the region. Recently Rovin was also the part of “UN Changemakers Conclave 2018” where Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeu was the Keynote speaker.

Rovin Sharma wanted to do something that not only could pay their bills but also support the cause they have been fighting for and it was Drag which they call “Entertainment with a ground breaking cause”. And soon Roveena Tampon was among the most celebrated Indian Drag Queens, seen in Newpapers and Digital Media. The Name “Roveena Tampon” is not just a Drag Name but also an initiative to talk about the menstrual hygiene of women in India.