Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu


Mountaineering Experience:

• Participated in Successful Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Women’s Antarctic Expedition and became the First Indian Woman to Ski 900 Kms from the
coast of Antarctica to South Pole during Nov2009 to Jan 2010
• Cycle trip from Calcutta to Kanyakumari from 26th Jan to 28th Feb 2011 to promote cleaner, greener and healthier India. Organised by
WANI – Women Adventure Network of India
• Did strenuous Skiing training in the Southern Alps in New Zealand in September 2009 for the Antarctic Expedition.
• Attended 2 weeks of Skiing training for the Antarctic Expedition in the Hardangervidda pleateau of Norway in Feb 2009 in sub zero temperatures,
gales and snow fall.
• Went as an instructor for a mountaineering course in the Kumaon Himalayas as a part of National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) training.
We traversed Changuch glacier, Kafni Glacier and Shallang glacier crossed two high altitude passes – kafni Col (17500 feet) and
Dana Dhura (18350 feet). This training was done in alpine style with no Sherpas , porters , guides or cooks.
• Conducted a High Altitude Backpacking course for National Outdoor leadership School (NOLS) in several times in the Gauri Ganga
Valley in Munsiary , in which we crossed Ralam Pass 15500 feet
• Conducted a Backpacking Course in which we went to the Nanda Devi Base Camp , Mt.Suitilla Base Camp
• Went as a leader of All India Women Expedition of Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF), to Mt.Phawararang (6349mtr) in Kinnuar range of
Himachal Pradesh in 2008. Eight women including me had successful summit.
• Climbed some mountains in Alaska as a part of mountaineering courses of NOLS.
• Went as a leader of All India Women Expedition of Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) , to Mt.Nun (7135mtr) in Karakoram Range of
Ladakh in Aug 2005. Reached height of 6200mtrs.
• Successful Summit Sri Kailash (6932mts) in Garhwal Himalayas in 2004 with All India Women Expedition of IMF
• First ascent of Mt. Argan Kangri (6789 meters) in Karakoram range of Ladakh with All India Women Expedition of IMF , July 2003
• Successful Summit Fluted Peak (6122 meters) with a Japanese team, in july 2001
• Successful Summit Gangotri I (6672 meters) with an India all Women Expedition of Indian Mountaineering Foundation , Sept 2001.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Class X from Loreto Convent Darjeeling
  • B.Com from St.Joseph’s College Darjeeling