Rasesh Shah


Rasesh H. Shah is perhaps India`s youngest and most innovative Vaastu Consultant being one of the first to combine Vastu with Astrology, Energy using holistic, Eco Friendly and non destructive remedies for some of India`s most well known builders, corporate and construction companies. He uses a completely non-destructive approach, where the existing structure is not disturbed. Rasesh has developed Energy Measuring instruments with the help of these; he can not only identify the negative areas but also quantify the energy changes once the remedy is applied.
His speciality also includes reviving sick units, industries, buildings, plots and making them functional with tremendous success for best possible results.
Rasesh says today, there is a fear psychosis in regard to Vaastu Shastra, as people fear that the solution lies in demolishing and re-building, involving major structural changes and impractical solutions.

If we understand the science of Vaastu, then according to our research, one need not rebuild or structrally modify the place. The process of energetically rectifying, a non-destructive approach – is where our expertise lies, This is applicable not only in the India, but anywhere in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, keeping in view the changes that takes place in the energy fields of the place because of their geological location.

He has developed certain sophisticated instruments through which he assesses the negative energy emanating in the structure. Because of instrumentation, he has the double advantage of immediately knowing whether the remedies applied are right and effective, since the energy changes are immediate we do not have to wait for days to assess the results. Of course, one needs trained energy experts to find the proper solutions and do the necessary rectifications.