Prof. Dhiraj Chauhan


Prof. Dhiraj Chauhan is a renowned name in the field of motivational talks.His conversant and practical approach has changed countless lives.

Being a constant novice he has cultivated an influential and electrifying persona. His unique bilingual approach coupled with psycho socio training style which has become one of the most powerful speaking model that worked best in Indian surroundings.

Mr. Chauhan has seen many ups and downs since his childhood but his strong determination, dedication and discipline has turned every problem into an opportunity. He has provided speeches for number of organizations in different sectors such as Network Marketing, Insurance, Colleges, Schools and Corporates etc. where he has touched the lives of more than two lack people through his revolutionary Leadership seminars.

He has been Assistant Professor & Head of the Department (HOD) of Persona Enhancement and Motivational in one of the BEST emerging University of India, also served as Head Admission cell because of his un-matched qualities of personal counseling, positive thinking, problem solving attitude and healing practices.

Prof. Chauhan is an architect of Human Engineering and has touched the lives of more than 2 Lacks people since 2000.