Pranav Lal


Pranav Lal was born blind. Today, this 37-year-old cybersecurity professional who doubles as a photographer and published author is showing the world that disability is just another word, and definitely not one that describes him.

Pranav suffered from Retinopathy of Prematurity at birth which resulted in him being completely blind ever since. However, this didn’t stop the man from pursuing all that he was about passionate about.

The child in him was always fascinated with science and technology and so, working in a related field came naturally to him. With his determination and immense knowledge, he went on to become a professional cyber security analyst.  However, that wasn’t enough to push his creative and visual boundaries and so he decided to take up photography. Obviously, it didn’t come easy to him until 2001 when he discovered a technology that changed his life for good.  He found ‘vOICe’.

‘vOICe’ works as an artificial eye, and helps visually impaired people with navigation.

He prefers to take photo’s of landscapes, machinery and nature. His parents are his greatest source of inspiration, teaching him from young that his disability should never prevent him from achieving his dreams. He chose photography as his hobby because he wanted to do something that was totally visual.

– He has been invited to do TED talks on the vOICe software and how he uses it.
– Pranav was also a speaker at the Indian Inclusion Summit in 2016.

He is currently the subject of an in progress documentary called “ As I see It” which looks at the challenges of the life of blind people and the effect technology can have .