Parinaz Mubaraki


Speaker Parinaz Mubaraki `s personality can be described as positive, peppy, perky, persistent, pretty and yes, of course, pompous as well. However, all of this goes down the drain the minute people come to know that she is blind. She was not born blind. She started turning blind from the age of 10 and turned totally blind by age 15. The shift from being able to recognize faces to just being able to recognize voices was not easy… but she survived it!
Experience is the best teacher is what they say, but it is very important to be a keen student and learn, and that is exactly what she has done. Shock, denial, self lothing, hitting rock bottom, acceptance, inner peace and finally, HAPPINESS, she has experienced it all and emerged a stronger person. 90.8 Jago Mumbai, a community based radio station gave her a wonderful platform whereby she could go week after week, share her experiences both good and bad, and bring about a change in people’s point of view.

Speaking Topics:
• Motivation
• Overcoming your worst fears
• Deal with loss
• People’s criticism
• Self criticism
• Self esteem issues