Parikshit Jobanputra


Parikshit Jobanputra is a Life Management Coach, Motivational Speaker and an author. He is the originator of “SST” (Scientific Study Techniques). He is the member of American Psychological Association.

He is the India’s No. 1 speaker of the subjects- Successful Parenting and Child psychology. He has started his career as speaker before 11 years & now he gives lectures on more than 28 subjects. He has been invited as keynote speaker and Motivational trainer to make the difference in people’s life. More than 250 corporate, educational and social institutes have been benefited from his knowledge & insights. He gives Corporate training on these subjects-Leadership Development, Corporate Success, NLP ,Sales Secrets, Customer Service, Bhagwad Gita inManagement, and 21st Century Entrepreneur.

“If you have a choice, choose the best, but if you have no choice, do the best.” This is the rule of Mr. Parikshit Jobanputra’s life.

And now he has transformed over 1.2 million lives in past 11 years. He can hold the audience for hours without getting up. The words he speaks just touch the hearts of the audience.

He has written 8 books on different topics like Successful Parenting, etc. He has DVDs awhich also includes Leadership by Bhagwad Gita, Career Management, Happy Life and Happy Married Life subjects. His book “Successful Parenting” is highly appreciated worldwide. His aim is to write 100 books on various subjects for the betterment of society.