Onkar K Khullar


TED Speaker Popularly known as “Gareebo Ka Steve Jobs” or “Digital Gandhi” started his first company, at the age of 21, creating a niche for himself as the youngest Consultant in the Cause Branding & Marketing Industry Internationally. After 3 years he founded a presentation solutions firm. He is on the board advisors for various non-profits in India and is the Consulting Director of the UK Based Innovation Firm -Chakraviyuh. He received Pride of India Award 2015 for developing a process called Impact Thinking to help out non-profits around the world. He is well renowned for introducing 5 year Old Philosophy through his book 5 year old Billionaire. He is spearheading India’s Social Entrepreneurship Movement amongst the youth called’Gandhi with a laptop’ through his workshops across the nation.

Charity, CSR, Socio Economy and Sustainability
Achievers, Entreprenures and Start Up Experts
Branding, Marketing, Media, PR and Design
Business and Management
Leadership through Cricket
Art of Making presentation
Innovation, Diversity and Creativity
Digital Shiva
Time Management