Nandini Vaidyanathan


Nandini Vaidyanathan, an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics and London School of Economics, spent 20 years in the corporate sector with MNC’S all over the world. She has worked in a cross-section of industries, ranging from security, media, pharma, gas, office automation, equity market and animation.

She has been teaching Entrepreneurship and International Biz at premier Business schools in India, US, and UK such as IIM-B, Princeton, and London School of Economics, for the last three years.

Companies Worked for:
During her 20 years span of corporate life Nandini has worked at various senior positions in the below mentioned organizations:-

ITW Signode
Bennett Coleman Group
Delhi Stock Exchange
Group 4 Securitas

She is India’s leading strategist in crisis management and has been associated with corporations and governments in sensitive negotiations and settlements. She is also one of the original proponents of outsourcing, having set up call centres, nearly thirteen years ago for a TNC in UK (British Gas).

She is Mentor-Promoter of a company which mentors young entrepreneurs with management inputs such as structuring capital, incorporating the company, acquisitions, sources for funding, marketing and biz strategy, scalability, global expansion, etc. Her clients include cutting edge technology companies in the telecom sector, software companies with Applications in hospitality and group networking, advertising agencies, publishing houses and construction materials companies.

She is a TED speaker and she is the Secretary of FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO) Bangalore chapter and a Charter Member of TiE.
She has published articles and book reviews in leading international journals.

Her best-selling book “Entrepedia” has sold one million copies – a Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur in India, has touched the lives of many a start-up entrepreneur in India as evidenced by the no.of mails she receives every month. She cherishes them all but her favourite is from a 77-year old retired business man, who wrote to her saying ‘I’m angry with you that you didn’t write this book 40 years ago when I started my business.