Monisha Singh Dudaney


Her revelations can be as startling as her in-your-face one liners. Monisha takes the surreal to another level of coolness, calling herself a Good Witch, and declaring that she is Clairvoyant with as much ease as discussing the weather. And if the word ‘Witch’ makes you think of the Dark Ages- try a Witch who has also been a RJ, Show Host and a Journalist ! Edward Cullen of the Twilight Saga could take a lesson or two about blending in paranormal talent with the regular folks. Monisha takes it a step further and has dedicated to using her ‘powers’ to help as many as she can pack in a day.

‘The Universe is a continuous continuum of possibilities- each of which is in our hands. We manifest our own miracles’, says the High Priestess, as she also like to call herself.

She goes on, ‘The Universe says – I have the power to give, do you have the power to ask?!’

Monisha has been writing regular columns for predicting to readers and offering a ‘guide to manifesting miracles’ in their career, romance and health on a daily, weekly, monthly basis for Inflight magazines and Internet! A monthly column for a major fashion & lifestyle publication is on the cards next. Otherwise aggressive and quick with helping those who come to her (in her unique blunt but to the point assessments) – Monisha is taking her own career plans slow and easy.

Having had an enjoyable stint with the Radio, Monisha also has her mind set on taking the Television world with storm with her path breaking Chat Show. ‘The next Oprah will start with an ‘M’, laughs Monisha.

Aggressive, energetic & bold- this High Priestess from Mumbai may well be the medicine Doctors (who also come to her for healing) could prescribe for some lost, deluded folks of this day & age- looking for answers, solutions and a way forward free of stumbling blocks in life. Intuitively, Monisha picks up the mode of healing that would work best for her client.