Manoj Arora


Manoj Arora, an Engineer by profession, has worked for the best of Fortune 500 organizations across the globe in his 20 years strong Electrical Engg & IT career. After being a Gold medalist in his Engineering College at Aligarh Muslim University, Manoj started his engineering career in 1994 with Larsen & Toubro Ltd – the biggest electrical Engg giant in India. Though being a top performer in his job, he was still looking for the true freedom and happiness which did not seem to be coming from salary increments promotions, or job hopping.

He decided to switch his career to Information Technology field and reinitialised his career working for corporate giants. During his enriched career, his interaction with employees and people across the globe strengthened his belief in the need for Financial Freedom. He realised that most of the people around him are stuck in a mindless rat race, facing similar challenges as him, and having no clue as to how to come out of it. He was able to capture the pulse of the people and realized what gives true happiness to them.

He realized that for people to achieve true happiness they need to chase their dreams and for that to happen, financial freedom can be very critical first milestone. It can be a means to follow your dreams in life. After having worked with corporate giants like L&T, TCS and IBM, Manoj was able to successfully transition from the rat race to financial freedom and is now chasing his true calling in life which is bringing in what most of us value the most – True Happiness.

A common man’s journey…


Financial freedom is not defined by your net worth or your social status. It does not matter how much you earn – what matters is how much you can save and invest wisely. The secret to financial freedom is learning the basic concepts of planning well and adopting the right attitude. But how does one achieve this?

Written by a common man, Manoj Arora for the common man, this book will help you lead a financially independent and conscious life.