Madiha Ahmed


A dreamer and a doer, a life long learner and global citizen residing in Kolkata, Madiha Ahmed started the journey of becoming the woman of her dreams in early 2016 when she was 23. She was tired of being called average, tired of all the blame game that society played, tired of hearing from her elders, “This is how it has always been. The world is like that.”

Having undergone the criticism from society and especially her relatives to follow the traditional and typical path laid down by society for women, she challenged the norms. She chose to not be that average woman who spent her days wondering what food to cook and serve and arguing with people around her due to lack of purpose and productive activities in her life. She did not
want to be that average youth who spent her days following the fashion trends, boys, friends and purposeless volunteering. She did not want to be that average social worker like the majority around her who posed, attended parties, hanged out with the elite and became popular. She did not want to be that average person who married for the sake of it or become a parent who was
obsessed with her children and their safety and thrusting her choices upon them. She did not want to be average as according to her average was boring and that would not be her.

When she learnt about her past and her maternal and paternal great grandfathers who were men of substance, who were assets to their nation and humanity, she realised it was time to continue the legacy and take things to the next level as she took legacy very seriously after all it was not a male thing. After her paternal great grandfather and grandfather, she continues the legacy of being a Sub-Committee Member at The Calcutta Muslim Orphanage, girls section, one of the oldest orphanages in the country as an Educationist and Counsellor.

Currently, Madiha heads the Indo-US Collaboration by U.S Department of State and The Ohio State University, Women in STEM Roadshow 2018 as a Local Expert for Kolkata to promote STEM education among disadvantaged and minority females. She is the founder and CEO of YouEd, a social enterprise that empowers teens, youth and women to lead through personal and professional development services and their current pilot projects are Bright English Hub for women, DREAMS- developing accessible resources for STEM education for the visually impaired students, Food ATM- Hunger Free Kolkata for Sanjha Chulha, a renowned restaurant as part of their CSR. She is a Triangle Leader in a US-based virtual company, Lifebushido founded by a Harvard grad, Steve Kantor where she works with recruits to help them get hired through a creative Triangle process and that empowers women in technology, globally.

She is a TEDxBESC 2018 Speaker who shared her story as “A young woman who said yes!” and continues to inspire children, teens, youth, adults and elderly through her public speaking skills under various educational and social platforms like Rotary, Human Library, Global Shapers

Community, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Science, Technology and Engineering Institutes and others. She is a blogger at The Cooking Criteria where she highlights how cooking is an important criteria for a woman to be eligible for marriage or to be considered perfect and to encourage women to feed both stomachs and souls. Madiha is writing her book, 13 Inspirations@23- A glimpse into the mind of a young woman who said yes to her dreams which will be published by late 2018.

Madiha is a Volunteer Coach at +Acumen (USA), the world’s school for social change that offers free courses on NovoEd and paid on Udemy by experts in the social sector, Member at its Corps community of global change-makers and launch team member for its courses. She loves to Volunteer at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Kolkata for children’s events with all the elderly people who work there. She is a blue belt at International Gosoku Ryu Karate-Do Association and aspiring to be a black belt to empower other girls and women and train them in self-defense and martial arts. She is a Member at OpenIDEO, where Social Impact is powered by Design Thinking and that brings people together through open innovation to collaborate to build and implement ideas for
solving global challenges.

Madiha’s vision and mission in life is to connect ideas and people for a peaceful world.