Kaushal Karkhanis


Kaushal Karkhanis is a Travel Blogger and has been inspiring people for over 18 years  to ‘travel exotic & live simple’… via stories told through words, photos and videos.

Kaushal is a creative strategist and travel blogger with 2 decades of experience in the field of design solutions and 10 years of ‘traveling exotic and living simple’ as a digital nomad. By consciously choosing a lifestyle that allows him to travel and work at the same time, he loves inspiring and helping others to travel to their hearts’ content.

He is a big believer of slow, immersive travel because it is sustainable, enriching and surprisingly economical at the same time.

South America is like a second home to him, having spent 9 months across 2 trips there. Besides that, he’s also spent time exploring the USA, Scandinavia & the Arctic wonderland of Svalbard, Germany, Jordan, Bhutan and Thailand. Kaushal is now looking East, aiming to spend a month in Japan on this next adventure.

Spent 12+ months traveling full time, primarily in South America (9 months)

Official trips with Jordan Tourism Board, Brand Colombia, Germany Tourist Office (India), Goa Tourism

Speaker at NatGeo Traveller Meetup