Jerry Almeida


Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida
Jerry has over 28 years of experience and worked on pivotal projects and ventures globally in over 40 countries across the 6 continents in the Government, Corporate, Media, NGO and Public sectors and brings to table compelling insights in his role as a management consultant and leadership coach with his vast experience in several sectors.
Jerry has also successfully led training programs for leadership development with middle, senior and top management of Fortune 500 & Fortune 100 companies, Public Service Enterprises, SMEs. UN organisations, WHO, World Bank, International missions and others.

J is fondly called the moJOsh inspirator by several people who have benefited from his leadership training or THE HERO IN ME inspirational oratory programs and got their dollops of moJOsh for rediscovering their junoon and purpose of life.

Jerry is a India’s new thought inspirational author/ orator, free thinker , master storyteller, motivational speaker, internationally certified leadership subject matter expert, trainer, Life & Executive coach, practical philosopher and freespirit teacher.
As an author and writer,with the Karma Kurry- the Hero in Me book series Jerry has plunged into writing thought provoking inspirational stories to awaken the hero and leader within people across the globe. The Karma Kurry stories uplift the human spirit and inspire one and all with a mindset that “I CAN DO SOMETHING”.

Jerry is also working on a trilogy of inspirational self help books named “Karishma – the miracle”, “Karma – the joy of giving” and “Kranti – revolutionary thought leadership” and other leadership books titled “The Hero in Me”, “Leading a Mission with a dead mouse” and “Once there was me” under The Greatness moJOsh series. Jerry also writes weekly / monthly features for magazines like Business World, Speaking Tree, Times of India, CFO connect, Economic Times and others under the aegis of Leadership Karma series – Krishna the charioteer guides the way in the Mahabharata of life. Some of his writings have now been chosen for a book called A Beautiful World.

Jerry has been extensively profiled in media nationally and globally. CNBC recently did an exclusive story on the various initiatives, ventures, campaigns and movements planned, launched, implemented & executed by iCONGO. Jerry has also inspired a story on how accountability needs to be driven in social development and this story was carried by TIME magazine & BBC globally.

In 2004 Jerry founded iCONGO as the Indian Confederation of NGOs a mission to encourage social justice and inspire citizen action. Today iCONGO has become the International Confederation of NGOs a respected organisation across the world which focuses on bringing good people and voices of conscience together. Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG.