General Bikram Singh


General Bikram Singh, the former Chief of the Indian Army and Chairman Chiefs of Staff, superannuated on 31 July 2014. During his eventful and distinguished military career of over 42 years, he held a number of key appointments both in India and abroad.

Before taking over as the Chief of Army Staff, he was the General Officer Commanding in Chief of the Eastern Command, a Field Army that is responsible for the Chinese border and the borders with our Eastern neighbours along with the counterinsurgency operations in the Northeastern States of our country. He also commanded the prestigious Srinagar based 15 Corps that is responsible for the line of control and counterproxy war operations in the Valley. During his earlier tenure as a Brigadier in South Kashmir, he was also wounded in counter terrorist operations.

During his tenure as the Chief of the Indian Army, he articulated a vision that aimed at enhancing the responsiveness, potency, accountability and relevance of the force and ensured its realisation through a time bound comprehensive strategy and associated plans. His tenure as the Chief witnessed the sanctioning of some significant accretions, force structures and revision of the combat power honing and application strategies. He also ensured a value based organisational culture during his tenure that emphasized the values of Integrity, Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Courage and Honour. In addition to ensuring effective human resource management, he also undertook the review of Defence Cooperation initiatives especially with the countries of the immediate and extended neighborhoods to ensure their compatibility with the national security strategy and policies. As Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee, he ensured the formulation and revision of joint strategies, initiatives for the raising of joint structures and effective synergy amongst various components of the Tri Service Joint Force.