Dr Saarthak Bakshi


SAARTHAK BAKSHI (Technocrat, Young Entrepreneur, Mentor, Social Worker)

Mr. Saarthak Bakshi is a technocrat, a young entrepreneur, a mentor and a social worker.. He was offered a graduate position at Ernst & Young immediately after his degree in computer engineering. His passion for entrepreneurship led him to quit a comfortable job and start a gaming application enterprise with his friends. The first lesson in entrepreneurship came with the failure of the startup. Saarthak attributed the failure to risk averseness and shortsightedness of the team. He embraced failure and immediately joined Adiva – a women centric hospital co-owned by Dr. Rita Bakshi, the reputed and widely acclaimed IVF doctor. Saarthak started to manage operations at the hospital and soon became an integral part of the management. He was sharp to realize that fertility is highly valued in most cultures and for women, barrenhood is an emotionally devastating experience, which is considered as a stigma in the society. With profound shift in his awareness of the infertility issues, Saarthak became passionate about helping couples with infertility concerns and created a vision of at least “One Child Per Couple” (OCPC). Adiva was a profit venture and Saarthak found it impossible to convince the stakeholders to follow the vision of OCPC.

Evolution of Saarthak’s dream in the form of IFC

The emotional motivator of serving the society for this noble cause helped Saarthak to convince his mother to open his venture named International Fertility Centre (IFC) headquartered in New Delhi. With spurring success IFC became a renowned name in a short span of time reaching out to 1500 surrogacy patients and 5000 IVF patients since its establishment in 2011.

Post the success of first IVF centre, Saarthak researched on the worst affected places in India, associated with this stigma. He started with Rajasthan and expanded into other states. In about five years, Saarthak succeeded in transforming his dream into career rearing International Fertility Centre and replicating its success in other states of India and Nepal. Currently IFC has 14 centres including New Delhi.

IFCs were opened in numerous locations in Nepal, where the problem was equally or more oppressive because of the low paying capacity and the similar cultural ethos of barrenhood. After understanding the market and overcoming the challenges, within a year and a half, IFC was able to capture 80% fertility market share. Infact, the first batch gave a stupendous result of 100%, when average is around 40%. The brand established credibility in the Nepal market and bureaucrats like former Prime Minister of Nepal, Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba sent appreciation to Saarthak for his work.

With relentless efforts of Saarthak, IFC continues to be the leading player in Nepal despite the severe earthquake in Nepal and recent political fall outs between the two countries.

Saarthak conducted camps for generating awareness in under-developed regions like Iraq, Ethiopia, Uganda and Afghanistan as these countries do not have access to good infertility treatments. Moreover, these countries are politically unstable and pose inherent dangers. Saarthak has all the inherent qualities of being a steady and determined entrepreneur.

While Saarthak’s passion was driving him to make a positive impact in the lives of the people, the freedom that he had with his own enterprise led him to invest in superior technology in laboratories. He procured the most advanced technology for his labs after travelling to over 10 countries and doing affiliations with different foreign enterprises. This new technology helped in making the cost of the treatment affordable to all. This helped IFC gain credibility so much so that the Government of Rajasthan recently has handed over the responsibility for providing low cost IVF services to masses in 7 major districts of Rajasthan.

Taking his passion forward, in order to improve his skills and knowledge in this field, he has started pursuing his doctoral research in the fertility segment of healthcare. He also realized an acute dearth of trained quality professionals in this field and he diversified his activities on creating a talented pool of human resource by opening a training centre – IIRFT (International Institute of Reproduction, Fertility and Training). The centre trains doctors, embryologists, paramedics and nurses. The centre has already trained over 500 professionals so far and has received appreciation from Federation of Obstetrics and Gynae Societies of India (FOGSI).

Saarthak also pursued Executive MBA – Healthcare Management, from Indian School of Business(ISB) in 2017 to gain additional insight in healthcare segment.

Saarthak is a pragmatic dreamer and he has mastered the art of taking ventures beyond profitability. He is a missionary entrepreneur driven predominantly by heart and calculates social emancipation as equally as the

Beyond IFC
Saarthak is the one of the Founding Member of an NGO named Upkaar Surrogacy Welfare Trust. As a philanthropist he believes in shelling out a substantial portion of IFCs income to Upkaar. The society works extensively in the areas of women empowerment and girl child education. He is also the current President of Rotary Club of Delhi Karma, where he has raised funds more than $40,000 for underprivileged kids.

Saarthak has recently started mentoring young startups in accelerators such as ah! Ventures and Indian Angel Network. He is a strategic advisor in BrainPan innovation and in Soulfit Nutrition. He is also part of Young Indians (YI), an initiative of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), where he is engaged in activities of CAYE (Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs), where he leads teams to promote youth entrepreneurship by organizing workshops and incubation programs. He wishes to create an enduring entrepreneurial eco-system where he can cultivate a culture of leadership, knowledge, talent and teamwork.

Leadership Footprint
1. Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, 2017 – Healthcare and Science
2. Healthcare Entrepreneur of the year – Indian Health Professional awards, 2017
3. Entrepreneur of the year in service business – healthcare, 2016 – By Franchise India & Entrepreneur India
4. India Entrepreneurship Excellence Award, 2016

1. Startup of the year award 2017 – By CEO Magazine
2. Most admired healthcare brand for Fertility by 24MRC – 2017
3. Best Upcoming IVF Chain Award 2015
4. Voted Top Centre for Surrogacy in India – 2014, 2015
5. Best of the Best IVF Centre Award 2013-14, 14-15, 15-16