Dr Nisha Khanna


Dr Nisha Khanna (PhD) is a Mental Health Professional, Renowned Psychologist, Celebrity Counselor, TEDx Speaker, Certified EQ Coach, Certified Couple Facilitator, Expert TV and Radio Panelist, Blog Writer, Motivational Speaker, Certified Faculty on “Universal Humans Values and Professional Ethics (Level-I) with a career span of more than 15 years and Awarded as India’s Best Marriage & Family Counsellor by INDIA HEALTHCARE AWARDS 2018. I have counseled more than 15,000 people over one to one basis and has spent hours and hours to listen, understand and solve their problems. I have dealt 3300+ cases independently pertaining to professional and personal needs of an individual as well as couple and family. My clientele includes a list of Government Employees, Politicians, People from Ministry, Business Tycoons, Entrepreneurs’, Industrialists, Importers’ n Exporters, IAS, IPS and IRS Officers, Police Officers, People from TV and Film Industry, People from Fashion Industry, Sports Athletes, CEO or M.D., Writers, Photographers, Restaurant Owners, Businessmen Doctors, Media Person, Models, Radio Jockeys’, Pilots, Servicemen, People from Army, Navy and Air force, Students, Career Aspirants, and Housewives used my services to gain a better understanding of their lives, directions and where they are going. I have a list of clients not even from India but from all over the World. I have helped lots of clients and families who had gone through stress, depression, emotional, mental and physical traumas in their personal, professional and married lives and able to recover them from their long-lasting problems.

I worked as a Counselor/Psychologist near about 5 years in SWADHAR Project of Human Resource Ministry under Woman and Child Development Department, Government of India where I dealt with clients having emotional, mental, and physical and adjustment problems in pre and post-marriage, family and professional life, parent-child relationship, depression, insomnia, anxiety and all other kind of psychological and behavioral problems.

I am trained from NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Science) Bangalore. I have participated and attended different seminars and training programmes including World Council for Psychotherapy (Asian Chapter), Yoga and Psycho therapy Assoc-iation of India, Transformative Family Therapy by Dr. Rhea V. Almeida, Gender Issues in In-dian Family by Indian Association of Family Therapy, Training Programme for Operators/ Cou-nselors of SWADHAR Project sponsored by Central Social Welfare Board, Mind Power by Dr. Sneh Desai, Law of Attraction and Heal Your Life based on the philosophy of Louise Hey etc. I am Certified Accredited Prepare-Enrich India Facilitator (building healthy relationships and stronger marriages) and i am authorized and competent to use Couple Assessments. I hold a Ph. D. in Psychology. My educational qualification also includes Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga and Meditation. I have two years Diploma in Astrology and conferred the title of “Jyot-ish Visharda”. I have completed my EQ Certification from the U.S. I am Certified EQ Assessor, EQ Profiler and EQ Fellow and I am authorized and competent to do EQ Testing. I am Certified Faculty on “Universal Humans Values and Professional Ethics (Level-I)” I am the member of Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS), Delhi Psychiatric Society (DPS) New Delhi, Indian Associat-