Devdutt Pattanaik


Devdutt Pattanaik is the author of Business Sutra: a very Indian approach to management, where he says “Belief shapes behaviour and behaviour shapes business.” Trained as a medical doctor, he worked for 14 years in the pharma and healthcare industry for 15 years before becoming business advisor in Ernst & Young. He then turned his hobby and passion into his profession to become Chief Belief Officer of Big Bazaar Future Group. He is author of 25 books, 400 articles on relevance of mythology in modern times.

He consults Star TV and Epic TV on storytelling. He is advisor to the shows Devon ke Dev Mahadev as well as Mahabharat. His radical yet accessible views on leadership, management, governance on TV shows like Shaastrath on CNBC Awaaz and Business Sutra on CNBC have made him a popular speaker in corporates and lecturer in business schools.


  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Relevance of mythology in matters related to leadership, entrepreneurship, branding, management and governance.


1. Shiva – An Introduction
2. Vishnu – An Introduction
3. Devi – An Introduction
4. Hanuman – An Introduction
5. Lakshmi – An Introduction
6. The Goddess Of India
7. Man Who Was A Woman
8. Indian Mythology
9. The Book of Kali
10. Shiv to Shankara
11. Myth = Mithya
12. The Book of Ram
13. Jaya
14. 99 Thoughts of Ganesha
15. 7 Secrets of Hindu Calendar Art
16. 7 Secrets of Vishnu
17. 7 Secrets of Shiva
18. Business Sutra

Children Books
1. Hanuman’s Ramayana
2. Gauri and The Talking Cow
3. Indra Finds Happiness
4. An Identity Card for Krishna
5. Saraswati’s Secret River
6. Kama v/s Yama
7. Shiva Plays Dumb Charades

1. The Pregnant King