Deepak Rao


Applauded as the ‘Single-most classy form of Edu-tainment’ in Asia, today – Deepak RAO’s – incredible ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ Show….
is designed to zap distinguished audiences, with never-seen-before presentations in – Telepathy, Tele-kinesis, Intuition, Premonition,
Deja Vu, Clairvoyance, etc.

In fact, Deepak RAO is the only one in Asia, Far East, Middle East, Africa and even Australia…. who presents this particular form of a science….
while proving all along that ‘Impossible’ is just an opinion !

“Most people use only 5% to 15% of their mental faculties, while few use 15% to 25%”. “The ‘ESP’ Show…. is a demonstration, involving mental abilities to the maximum !” – Deepak RAO

While playing low-key…. RAO, had been casually presenting this
60 minute ‘ESP’ Show to corporates, since 1992.
It’s only since 2003, he has taken seriously to ‘Shows’, stunning – Corporate India, South East Asia and Indian audiences in
Middle East, Africa, Europe and the US.

Deepak RAO is ALSO known as India’s numero uno Conference Energiser !!