Danesh Kanagaraj


Danesh is a Skill Preceptor and blogger. His interests ranges from soft-skills,
entrepreneurship, creativity and social work. He has served as Vice-Chair for Technical United Conference, delivered Guest Lectures and significantly 4 TEDx talks being the inspiration. He instils soft-skills on students to outperform well in professional life.

He is a person with 74 % disability, battling Muscular Dystrophy with all limbs
affected. He makes numerous effort to enhance habitat and well-being. He is not Book smart, but a Street Smart engineer and an Organizer.

Being a self-motivated and optimistic person, Danesh has a history of owning startup and working for the world’s most distinguished companies such as Google, Dell, Samsung, Coke, Mahindra, while pursuing his graduation. He enjoys travelling, meeting new people and finding ways to have an uplifting experience.

Danesh is also advocating and working for the well-being of people with severe
disabilities like spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, transverse myelitis, sensory impairments and other multiple disabilities.

He is also working towards demystifying the subject of disability by sensitization campaign therefore aiming to break the stigma through educating and working to foster greater inclusiveness for Person with Disability (PwD) in society locally and globally.

1. Motivation
2. Creativity and Leadership
3. Spreading Hope
4. Soft Skills