Bhakti Sharma


1. Bhakti Sharma went to Iceland and successfully swam across the Arctic Ocean becoming the 3’°’ Swimmer in the World, 2″” female swimmer in the world to do so, youngest female swimmer in the world to swim across seven seas, 1” Asian to swim 4 ocean including Arctic Ocean.

1. Swam the English Channel again in a relay of 3 swimmers including her mother Leena Sharma and friend Priyanka Gehlot on 23” July, 2008 which is in Asia’s record. This also is the world record of mother and daughter crossing the English Channel.

1. In the month of May 2007, crossed the Gulf of Mexico (25 Kms.); Pacific Ocean (6½) and Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico in one day (21 Kms.) at U.S.A. and stood first in the competition at Key West 21 Kms. race in Atlantic Ocean and was first Asian Swimmer with Gold Medal to participate in the above events. On 30th Sept.,2007 crossed Mediterranean Sea 19 Km. at Tarifa, Spain in 5 Hrs. and 13 mins. this way she succeeded in crossing 6 seas of the world.

1. Accomplished fantastic feat of crossing the English Channel from Shakespeare Beach, Dover England to Callisport, France. On. Wed 05.07.2006 from 11:00 A.M. to 12:55 A.M. (IST) (i.e. from 06:30 A.M. to 08:15 P.M. British GMT). A distance of 36 Km., in 13 hours and 55 minutes. Last three hours, she faced, like a bad dream, an awful turbulent Sea having high tidal waves and as at first temperature of the water was 14 degrees Celsius facilitating her, but dropped, at the last leg of the swim to 13 degree Celsius due to the cold under-currents! On account of which she lost good three hours very badly in
the bargain!

2. On 06 August 2006, participated in the 19″” international self transcendence Marathan Schwimmen Rapperswil-Zurich, a distance of 26.4 Km. Organised under the Aegis of Shri Chinmoy Marathon Race International Marathon Event had participants from U.K., U.S.A., Hungary, New Zealand, Switzerland, Africa, India, Holland, Japan, Germany, France, Italy Estonia, Sweden, Netherlands and Uganda. She stood first and became the youngest among all participants to achieve this outstanding success in the time period of 10 hrs, 41 mins, 42 secs.

1. From Dharamtal to Gateway of India she admeasured by swimming 36 Kms. in just 9 Hrs. and 30 Mins.

1 At Uran Port (Mumbai), she Hnished 16 Kms. in 4 hrs. making a record as the First Rajasthan Swimmer ever to do so.

1. On 4th Feb., 2010 she swam in a swimming pool that contains 12,500 Kgs. of Ice at 2 Degree Celsius.

2. Covered a distance of 72 Kms. in 16 Hrs. 58 Mins. From Dharamtal to Gateway of India and back again in a relay swim including mother Mrs. Leena Sharma and Priyanka Gehlot creating a record at National Level on 22“d Feb., 2008.

3. Stood 4″‘ in the first Long Distance Open Water
Swimming competition at Mumbai from which team for Beijing Olympics was to be selected.

4. Participated in 47″‘National School Swimming
Championships under the AEGIS OF SCHOOL GAMES FEDERATION OF INDIA at Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

5. C.B.S.E. National Swimming Championship held at Chennai in the year 2003 she got 2 gold and Silver.

6. C.B.S.E. National Swimming Championship held at Bhopal in the year 2004 she got 3 golds and became the first individual Champion of Rajasthan.

7. C.B.S.E. National Swimming Championship held at Jaipur in the year 2005 she got 2 Golds and a Bronze.


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