Azim Jamal


Azim Jamal is one of the finest international inspirational speakers and bestselling authors. For two decades, he has traveled worldwide speaking to more than one million people living in 26 countries about business, balance and beyond. Many more millions have received his message through the media and other sources.

A book that teaches you the equal and overlapping importance of three vital components of any business life cycle:
Business: combining engagement, empowerment, efficiency, leadership and capacity building
Balance: comprising internal and external richness, and
Beyond Business: teaching the significance of success and happiness, for yourself and for others
Ingrained in the book is the concept of the Corporate Sufi, a core philosophy the author has shared with millions around the world.


• Effective Goal Setting – Enabling Focus and Accountability
• Transformational Leadership – Engaging and Empowering
• Unleashing Your Potential – Tapping into the Power Within of self and team

• Life Balance is a Choice – Finding a Deeper sense of Success
• Time & Self –Management – Enhancing your Efficiency and Effectiveness
• Change Management – Adapting and Thriving through Change

• Seven Steps to Lasting Happiness – Finding Work and Life Satisfaction
• The Power of Giving – Creating Abundance through Giving
• Spirituality – Achieving Significance and Inspiration

Corporate Sufi: Business, Balance & Beyond – a summary of all the above sub topics


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