Arjun Vajpai


Arjun Vajpai started his career as a trekker from the age of 10 when he went to visit his grandmother for a holiday. While most boys his age are busy targeting high scores in academics, Arjun Vajpai has lofty dreams elsewhere – quite literally. Arjun Vajpai was the youngest Indian to climb Mount Everest. He achieved this feat at an age of 16 years. On 20 May 2011, he became the youngest climber ever to summit Lhotse, aged 17 years, 11 months and 16 days. Arjun also became the youngest to summit Mt.Manaslu.The class 12 student who is the youngest Indian to scale Mount Everest is now all set to conquer Mount Makalu – a peak no Indian has managed to scale yet.

For Arjun, getting this far has meant a lot of hard work, rigorous physical training and maintaining a sharp balance between academics and training. Arjun says, “I spent a month-and-a-half acclimatising to the cold climate. During my training period, I practiced yoga in order to increase my lung capacity. My body had to be ready to handle the strain of a two-month-long expedition of which the last five days, when I climbed the final summit, were the most demanding.”

Talking about his love for the mountains Arjun says, “The Mountain has always fascinated me! And it was indeed a proud moment for me to be the youngest Indian on top of the world. When I reached the top and looked all around, I saw the most spectacular view ever. No camera could ever capture this view – the Himalayas were below me and nothing obstructed my view. It was an awesome feeling to see the sun rise from below the eye level. I felt like I ruled the world!”

Arjun believes in dreaming big and aiming high. ‘The sky is the limit’ is his favourite motto. But he also believes that one needs to put in a lot of hard work to achieve one’s dreams. He wants to climb Mount Everest again and also hopes to conquer the world’s seven highest peaks and go to the North and the South Pole. “My parents are very supportive but they also want me to focus on my academics. These activities have a short life. Only good academics can take you further. I want to join the Indian Army and am working towards a course at the National Defence Academy.”

Arjun plays football and basketball at the state level and Taekwondo at the international level. He has also competed in karate, swimming and skating at the school level.Arjun’s expedition was eco-friendly and his team came back having collected around 26kgs of waste. He and his group collected all the waste they created during the journey and then disposed of it using bio-degradable techniques.

Arjun is currently pursuing his graduation in B.S.C (Hon) in Marketing and has completed a Diploma in Mountaineering.



– Achieving Target
– Motivation
– Achieve Goals and Targets
– Adventure
– Passion

a) There are 14 highest mountain peaks in the world which are above 8,000 meters. All these peaks have been climbed by only 28 persons in world, and there is no Indian in this list. Youngest person in this elite list is of 33 years.
b) Three Pole Challenge: Mt. Everest, Unsupported Ski Expedition to North Pole and Unsupported Ski Expedition to South Pole. Youngest person to have achieved this is of 25 years.
c) Seven Highest Peaks in the Seven Continents.
d) Grand Slam: To complete all the above set of Challenges.


Summited: DKD2 (Draupadi ka Danda 2), State Uttarakhand, India
Height: 18,892 feet
Date: October 1st 2009 Time: 9: 05am

Summited: Island Peak, Nepal
Height: 22,000 feet
Date: 7th April 2010 Time: 11:42am

Summited: Kala Pathar, Nepal
Height: 18,000 feet
Date: 28th April 2010 Time: 10:00am

Summited: Mount Everest, Nepal
Height: 29,030 feet
Date: 22nd May 2010 Time: 6:18 am
On this date Arjun had set the World Record as Youngest Person in the World.
Now 2nd Youngest in the world & youngest person in India

Summited: Mt. Lhotse, Nepal
Height: 27,940 feet
Date : 20th May 2011
Time: 0815 a.m.
Arjun has set a World Record as Youngest person in the world.

Summited: Mt. Manaslu, Nepal
Height: 26,782 feet
Date : 4th Oct. 2011
Time: 1000 a.m.
Arjun has set 2nd World Record as Youngest person in the world, also the youngest person in the world to have done any three 8000 meter peaks.

Honors/Awards/ Recognitions:

2012: Limca Book of Award for the Youngest Indian to have scaled Mt. Everest.
2012: DLF Pramerica Award.
2012: CNN – IBN Young Indian Leader Award 2012 – given by Mr. Sachin Pilot.
2012: Times Now Amazing Indian Award 2012 – given by Mr. Janardan Dwivedi.
2012: NDTV Marks for Sports Nirmal Lifestyle Award.
2012: Awarded by Ministry of Tourism 2011 – given by Tourism Minister – Ms. Selja
2012: Awarded at Global Hypoxia Summit. Addressed the Doctors from all over the world at Golden Jublee celebrations at New Delhi.
2012: Sports Achiever of India Award by FICCI
2012: Awarded by President of Nepal for Climbing Mt. Everest
20 May 2011: Youngest in the World to Climb Mt. Lhotse (27,940 feet)
04 Oct 2011 :
Youngest in the World to climb Mt. Manaslu (26,782 feet)

2010: 2nd Youngest in the world to climb Mount Everest (29,030 feet)& Youngest Indian to climb Mount Everest.

2010: Honored by the Chief of the Army Staff
2010: Honored by the Sports Minister Of India
2010: Honored by the Tourism Minister Of India
2009: Youngest in the world to climb DKD-2 (18,892 feet)
2009: Best sports person of the year (Ryan International School)
2009: Gold Medalist in 6th Interschool Taikwondo Championship
2009: Gold Medalist in P.N.Datta Cup, Taikwondo Championship
2009: Gold Medalist Annual Sports Day, in Long Jump
2009: Gold Medalist, Annual Sports Day in100mtrs Running
2008: Gold Medalist at Annual Sports Day, in Long jump
2007: National Level Gold Medalist in Taikwondo
2005: Gold Medalist in 1st Interschool Roller Skating Championship