Anooj Kapoor


Anooj carries with him over 25 years of experience in marketing, advertising, direction,copy writing ,production and television. Anooj has served in Colgate Palmolive, JWT, Rediffusion, Lowe Lintas, UTV and SAB TV in his twenty-seven-year-old career.

Anooj is the only television business head to have been awarded the Indian Television Academy’s Scroll of Honour as well as the Bharat Gaurav Award.

Being a double post graduate, in English Literature and Business Management respectively, Anooj owes his creative storytelling to his exposure to literature, and his business acumen, to his exposure to Business Management.

He started his career with Colgate Palmolive as a management trainee which also it also helped him hone his entrepreneurship skills.

Later Anooj joined joined HTA (now JWT) as a copywriter.Kapoor was bitten by the copywriting bug which took him to JWT where he did copywriting and was later drawn to production. After running his own production house called Creative Compass from 1999 to 2004, he joined UTV.

Being an innovator,Anooj has always been an innovator been able to successfully monetise his creativity.

Anooj joined SAB TV in June 2007. He turned it around completely, from being a 22 grp channel with a modest revenue of 38 crores, to being a 170 grp channel at one time with a revenue of 700 crores.

Anooj achieved this task with meagre resources, operating at budgets which were only 25 percent of the budgets of main GEC channels including Sony. Anooj took the channel from being a number nine channel to a steady number three and number four in the GEC pecking order.

In terms of profitability, Anooj gave a staggering 65 percent ROI and contributed 50 percent to the overall EBIT of the Sony Network in India. SAB went on to become the number one comedy channel in the world, miles ahead of comedy central USA, both in terms of viewership as well as revenue.

The above was achieved when Anooj created and introduced the concept of daily family comedy with a linear storyline, and positioned the channel as a family entertainment channel with clean family values, never resorting to even a word of vulgar or toilet humour across the eight thousand hours of comedy programming that Anooj created.