Anand Munshi


Anand Munshi is Leading Motivational Speaker in India. A Keynote Speaker for Corporates and TED Speaker on Innovation & New Age Entrepreneurship – he delivers thought proving & En-gaging sessions using his 15 years of research on core factors of Positive Empowerment to trans-form organizations and individuals to perform at the Peak of their true potentials. He is Execu-tive Coach to MNC & Fortune 500 companies for business growth and Employee Empower-ment. He conducts sessions in Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Gur-gaon & Bangalore.

A Futurist and much sought after Motivational Speaker .Anand Munshi has for years trans-formed hundreds of people to lead a meaningful life. His sessions are mesmerizing – exposure to rich exposure of world’s best practices from corporate world, in-depth spiritual insights and grounded techniques to on relationships for people from all walks of life.

Through his daily columns in newspaper he touches over 20 millions people every day. He is one of the top rated TED & Motivational Speakers in Delhi NCR. He transformed Corporate Leaders into Peak Performers with Growth Mindset. Through his Engaging, Empowering and Trans-forming session he breeds Disruptive Innovation, Employee Empowerment and Sales Effec-tiveness.

A Leadership Author & Futurist known to bring turn-around in individuals and organizations through personal effectiveness to excel during changes.