Alex Flynn


Alex worked as a lawyer for numerous multinationals, but since receiving his diagnosis, he has focussed on his 10MillionMetres challenge; a life-changing endurance project, the formation of which was encouraged when he was given the devastating news that he has Parkinson’s disease in 2008.

Before the end of 2014, the 10 MillionMetres Challenge will take him more than 6,200 miles around the world, encompassing some of the world’s more interesting and dangerous races. Alex will be running, cycling, swimming, walking or, if necessary, crawling the distance with the aim of raising more than £1Million ($1.6 million) for research into Parkinson’s disease. Highlights so far include the 2010 Marathon des Sables, running more than 135 miles across the Bavarian Alps and in 2011 traversing 1457 miles from London to Rome in 30 days, as well as marathons, Ironman and Olympic Triathlons.

In 2012 Alex hopes to cross 3500+ miles of the USA in 24 days using five different disciplines, constantly fighting against the relentless progression of the disease on his own body. It is a disease which currently has no cure.


– Motivation
– Adventure