Adil Malia


A seasoned business professional having led companies at the Board level in diverse industries like Manufacturing, Services, FMCG, Infrastructure, Banking and Retail, He grew through the ranks of different organizations…performing diverse roles in the areas of Business Management, Law, Human Resources, Marketing and Employee Relations.

​​Passionate about People, he is a voracious reader, fond of poetry & music, indulge in humorous doodling, calligraphy and love public speaking.

​Being an Appreciative Coach, He believe … ‘no fun, no learn’. He coached several top CEOs till now.

​Began at 19 as a Legal Assistant and  now reached the top management echelons. The quintessence of the journey is based on the learning … ‘one first needs to be a good person. Everything else follows!’

​The Mantra for Success is simple. Organizations that succeed in managing change are those which are – Agile, have a Drive, use Innovation and have Leadership that supports organizational transformation. And MALIA, of course, stands for…Most Aspiring Leaders Inspire Action!!!