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  • Mind & its working.
  • The science behind thoughts & the web we are in
  • Consciousness (subconscious, unconscious, collective conscious,
    super conscious) Meditation...its categories & its benefits
  • Commentaries on shlokas related to Bhagavadgita,
    Vigyan Bharav tantra, Upanishads.
  • Discourses based on life, death, happiness, wealth, success etc.
  • Different meditations of different religions
    (zen, buddhism, hinduism, tantra, taoism etc).
  • The Law of Karma... (The cycle of life & death).
  • How to overcome karma & take the path of Dharma...
  • Life, death & the journey between.
  • Kundalini awakening (its benefits & its pitfalls)
  • Life beyond materialism. Extra sensory perceptions
    (Clairvoyance, telepathy, hypnotism, past life regression,
    astral travel, third eye awakening, hypnotherapy etc)
  • Solution based talks (live calls for Television & radio)
  • Spirituality (what is it & why it is needed)
  • Enlightenment & the process behind it.
  • Why are we in stress, fear, negativity, hatred & violence?
  • How to overcome fear, negativity & stress.
  • How to lead a happy, peaceful & harmonious life.





An Industrialist turned spiritualist. Enlightened master Shree Prasannaji has actively participated with the common man to Awaken their potentials so as to create a purposeful living. His endeavors towards uplifting the common man has made him to work on different aspects of the society right from conducting regular meditations, retreats, lectures in colleges, satsangs, seminars, affiliations to orphanages, interviews in national television channels etc.
His relentless effort towards reaching the common man made him to start Guru Brahmashram in Rishikesh where the sublime truths of living happily through different forms of meditations taken from Zen, Taoism, Hinduism, Tantra, Buddhism & Zazen was imparted to.

Sri Sankara TV
Udaya TV
Shantigiri Ashram, Opening ceremony of Parnashala, Trivandrum
(Distinguished guests included Mrs Prathibha Patil, former president of India, Defense Minister Mr A K Antony)
Brahmarshi Patriji @ Dhyana Maha Chakram, Amaravati, Guntur.
(Distinguished guests included Mr Kartikeyan, former head of CBI


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Times Foundation, Nalanda Wisdom Centre 2009- Present, Sai Old Age Home.
Metaphysical Monthly Magazine Speaking Tree News Paper

Meditation (A book about different meditation techniques from different religions)
The Secret behind Karma.
Shruthi (Hypnotic Paranormal Quotes) - Vol 1 to Vol 80.